Pet Food Pantry Application

Our Pet Food Pantry Program is limited to those individuals with a true financial need for food assistance. Please submit the online application or print and mail the application to:

SAFE Haven’s Pet Food Pantry : 8431-137 Garvey Drive, Raleigh NC 27616

The Pet Food Pantry provides free pet food, for up to 3 months, to pet owners in Wake County who cannot afford to feed their pets.

To Receive Pet Food Assistance:

  • Pet owner must be 18 years old or older. Only one applicant per household.
  • Pets – cats and dogs – must be fixed (also known as be spayed for females or neutered for males) by the time food is given away. Low-cost or free spay/neuter services are available.
  • Pet owner must have a clear financial need – people must be unable to pay for pet food in any other way.  Proof of financial need will be required.
  • Pet owner must have a photo ID card.

SAFE Haven’s Pet Food Pantry Guidelines

Before you apply, please know that:

  • Pet Owners Must Pick-Up Food Once a Month: Recipients must pick up food only once a month. We must limit the number of pets that are given food and this will be based on the pet owner’s situation.
  • Pets Must Be Fixed – All cats and dogs must be fixed (spayed for females and neutered for males) by the time food is given away. Low-cost or free services are available.
  • The Pantry Gives the Amount to Fit Your Pets: The amount of pet food given will depend upon the number of pets (cats and dogs), their size, and how much food the Pantry has at the time of pick-up.
  • Pet Owners Get No Choice in Pet Food: All of the pet food in SAFE Haven’s Pet Food Pantry is donated. We cannot promise that pet owners will get a certain quantity or brand of food.
  • Pet Food Amount Changes: We cannot guarantee that food is available every month. Our pet food supplies are donated, so the amount of food available changes month-to-month.
  • No New Pets: The pet owner cannot acquire more pets or animals, while taking part in this program. The pet owner cannot breed their pets or animals while taking part in this program.
  • Right to Deny Food: SAFE Haven for Cats has the right to not give food to anyone under any circumstances or to make exceptions based on individuals’ needs.

Please complete and return the application along with a copy of proof of financial need. Acceptable forms of proof of financial need are: 

  1. Medicaid card (for adult, not child)
  2. WIC card/coupon (with current date)
  3. Social Security Income (for adult, not child) Note: Social Security Income is not a qualification unless it is your only income. (Provide a copy of last year’s tax return; SSI declaration letter and copies of SSI checks are not sufficient).
  4. EBT (food stamp) card with photo ID and food store receipt dated within 3 weeks.
  5. IRS Form 1040 (Not W-2 or pay stub) showing income levels less than:

Income Guide

Pet Food Pantry Application – Online Version:

Applicant Information

  • Our clinic offers low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations for pets. Please ask a Pet Food Pantry representative or click here to visit the clinic website for more information.

Pet Information

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  • Liability/Signature

  • I understand that the pet food and supplies received through SAFE Haven's Pet Food Pantry has been donated by manufacturers and individuals and is not for sale to the public. Therefore, I agree to use these products for my personal pet(s) only and will not re-sell these products to any person(s) or business(es). I understand and agree that SAFE Haven's Pet Food Pantry makes no warranties as to the pet food and supplies and does not assume any liability and/or guarantee for these pet food supplies in any way. Entering your Full Name in the box below as your digital signature if you agree with this liability waiver.


Pet Food Pantry Application – Print Version:

The Pet Food Pantry employee will contact you if you are accepted. Please allow two weeks for your application to be reviewed.

If you have any questions, please call us at 919-341-4103 or email us at