Spread the Word

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Did you know that economic hardship accounts for 25% of the pets that are surrendered to shelters each year?

You can help pets and their owners stay together! Here’s how:

  • Word of mouth! Tell your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors about the Pet Food Pantry. You never know who is experiencing financial hardship, and it takes just one special connection to help someone in need.
  • Spread the word on your neighborhood’s listserv.
  • If you know of someone in need, direct them to the Pet Food Pantry website so they can apply for assistance.
  • Put Pet Food Pantry fliers up in churches, grocery stores and community bulletin boards. Download a flyer here.
  • Share the posts below on social media to help spread the word.
  • Host a Pet Food Drive – Click here to get tips and ideas for a successful event!
  • Follow SAFE Haven for Cats on Facebook for updates about SAFE Haven for Cats, and to get more information about our periodic Pet Food Pantry donation drives and Fill-A-Truck events.



  • SAFE Haven’s Pet Food Pantry helps pets and their owners stay together if the family is experiencing financial difficulty. Learn how you can help: http://www.safehavenpfp.org/
  • SAFE Haven’s Pet Food Pantry does not just help feed hungry pets; it also helps pet owners get their animals spayed/neutered at a price they can afford. Learn more: http://www.safehavenpfp.org/spayneuter-assistance/
  • Oftentimes, people who are experiencing financial difficulty have to choose between feeding themselves, and feeding their pets. Here’s how you can help SAFE Haven’s Pet Food Pantry: http://www.safehavenpfp.org/get-involved/


  • The Pet Food Pantry helps people who are struggling to feed their pets. Learn how it works: http://www.safehavenpfp.org/
  • Economic hardship accounts for 25% of the pets that are given to shelters. Learn how @safehaven4cats helps: http://www.safehavenpfp.org/
  • The Pet Food Pantry helps ANYONE experiencing economic difficulty feed their pets. Learn more: http://www.safehavenpfp.org/